Uniting Our Youth, Inc.’s programs currently target males and females between the ages of 14-25.  It is our goal to provide outreach services to youth inner city communities in the following:

· STEM programs

  Truancy Prevention

· Curfew Violation Counseling

· Mentoring

· Conflict Resolution and Crisis Prevention

· Life Skills Training

· Employment Workshops

· Positive Youth Enhancement

· Peer Mediation Individual and Group Counseling

Mentoring:  Activities will be geared toward redirecting these youth into positive, legal activities.  Activities will include recreational activities, tutoring and parenting classes.

After-School Activities:  The goal of the after-school program is to offer support to the children who have learning impediments and disabilities.  Moreover, the program provides a structured, violence-free learning environment, will include homework assistant.

Drugs, Guns, Gangs Awareness Classes:  The goal of these classes is to highlight the dangers involved in drugs, guns and gang affiliation.  Open forums with the youth to encourage open discussions and understanding of the consequences.  Provide education and information about the use of drugs and understanding the long-term effect of drug abuse. Teach avoidance, promote safety.

Abuse:  UOY will hold open forums to help the community youths/young adults recognize abuse, its effects and what someone who is being abused can do.  Open forums about the many faces of abuse in relationships, family and friends. Counseling on overcoming abuse.